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Grant supports provided in higher education within the scope of Lifelong Learning Program that was carried out by the European Commission between 2007-2013 and ended in 2014 will continue to be given under Erasmus+ Program between 2014-2020.
Erasmus+ Program aims to offer more effective tools encouraging the cooperation between different sectors in line with the objectives of Europe 2020 Strategy as directed to the new needs in the fields of education, youth and sports.
As peculiar to higher education, it aims to increase the quality in higher education, and to strengthen the cooperation among the higher education institutions with each other and with the business world.
Target group of Erasmus+ activitie

s involves the organizations and institutions being a party to the higher education, staff and the students of those institutions. The applications can be only made by the organizations and institutions to our Directorate or EU Commission’s relevant unit Education, Audiovisual and Cultural Executive Agency depending on the type of project. Individual application is not accepted.
The activities provided with grant support in higher education under Erasmus+ Program are stated below.

Erasmus+ is not:

  1. Erasmus program is not a “foreign language learning program”.
  2. Erasmus is not a “full scholarship” program.
  3. Erasmus is not a “degree” program.

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