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University of Turkish Aeronautical Association was founded by the TAA AviationFoundation. Since 1925, TAA has a deep background blended with the experience and intellectual capacity obtained as a result of the activities in the field of aeronautics and astronautics.
We serve as the first university in Turkey with 4 campuses in three different cities. Thanks to its multi campus environment, our university is one of the unique educational institutions carrying out certain aviation practices such as operating flights between the campuses.

With 77 high-technology aircrafts, the University of Turkish Aeronautical Association has the largest fleet of Turkey in the field of aeronautical education. Our university also offers the students an opportunity to gain high-quality and extremely different experience with a variety of aircrafts in its fleet.

The University of Turkish Aeronautical Association is the first and only university specialized in the fields of aeronautics and astronautics in Turkey.
The need for highly-qualified personnel in the aviation sector increases the importance of the UTAA. The relations we established with the private sector companies provide our students with the opportunity to easily find jobs in the aviation sector.
Incorporating 2 airports (Etimesgut-Ankara campus and Selcuk-Izmir campus), 6 full-capacity hangars (to be used as a laboratory for practice) and 2 operator towers equipped with ILS (Etimesgut-Ankara and Selçuk-İzmir), UTAA has the most advanced and solid infrastructure in Turkey especially in the field of aeronautics.

The Office of International Relations at UTAA helps the university in its internationalization efforts by:

  • Coordinating student exchange programs
  • Helping international students and offering them various services to make them fully satisfied about their educational and social life in the university
  • Establishing links with other internationally recognized universities abroad and maintaining agreements signed by UTAA and partner universities
  • Enhancing strong relations between the UTAA and industry
  • Helping the outgoing UTAA students in their registration or employment at partner universities or industry
  • Helping the UTAA in its accreditation issues
  • Representing the UTAA in all international forums and networks