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Campus Life

The University of Turkish Aersonautical Association which has 19.030 m² indoor, 86.409 m² outdoor space provides training in Türkkuşu Campus, Altınova Campus and Selçuk Campus. Our university’s campus that continues its education with foreign students from 45 different countries virtually constitutes a cultural mosaic. In our following academic year, our university will continue its education with 97 different countries.

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Social Services

The University of Turkish Aersonautical Association satisfies every daily need of our students in its campus far away from the city’s commotion. In our campus all kinds of services varying up to sports center, health center, cafetaria, restaurant, hairdresser, conference hall and library are provided.

In our campus, when our students face with any kinds of problems, as the University of Turkis Aeronautical Association family both our administrative and academic personnel are always ready to help them.

Sports Facilities


One of the main aims of our university is to help the students make good use of their leisure time and ensure their participation to the sports activities organized.
There are various teams in UTAA such as basketball, table tennis, sailing, volleyball, football, American football, wrist wrestling, bowling, fencing, swimming and futsal. Fitness programs for the whole university are arranged by expert trainers separately for each person. Sports trainers also give free step-aerobics and pilates classes.
Our university offers various opportunities to the students with model aircraft, paragliding, hang-glider, radio-controlled aircraft training conducted jointly with our Office of Health and Sports as well as the aviation camping.

 2012 Achievements

  • Our Pirat team came in 4th in Turkey interuniversity championship.
  • Our fencing team came in 2nd in Turkey interuniversity championship.

 2013 Achievements

  • Our male volleyball team came in 3rd in Interuniversity 2nd League Volleyball Tournaments.

Student Clubs

The student clubs which are an inseparable piece of the campus life provides aid fort he students by encouraging prolificacy. In our university, there’s currently 26 active student clubs.

  • Anka Aeronautics and Astronautics Club
  • C4 Military Technologies Club
  • Club of Environment and Clean Energy Resources
  • Club of Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • Partner Dance Club
  • Extreme Sports Club
  • Photography Club
  • Galatasaray Fans Club
  • Club of Innovation and Young Entrepreneurship
  • Aviation Eagles Club
  • IEEE Club
  • Club of Communication and Leadership
  • Management & Economics Club
  • Club of Logistics and Foreign Trade
  • Table Tennis Club
  • Music Club
  • Model United Nations Club
  • Nebula and Rocket Systems Club
  • Robotics Club
  • Social Assistance and Solidarity Club
  • Sports Club
  • Theatre Club
  • UTAA Cinema Club
  • Club of Turkish World Studies
  • Club of International Students
  • Sailing Club


1st Flying Spring Fest held in the University of Turkish Aeronautical Association on 9th and 10th of May 2013 took place in all its splendor. It is aimed that our festival which will become a tradition will become more assertive and fun than the previous year each passing year. Our students, as they did this year, will release the stress and exhaustion of the entire year in this festival in the following years.