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  1. In order to be eligible for applying, the department for which you want to make an application should have a quota for exchange students. The quota scheme will be published in the announcements page.
  2. The CGPA should be at least 2.20/4.00 for undergraduate students and at least  2.50/4.00 for graduate students.
  3. Students scoring 60 in UTAA English Proficiency Exam and above or in the national YDS English proficiency exam,  or an equivalent grade in other exams approved by the Student Selection and Placement Center  (OSYM) do not have to take the proficiency exam. Such students should submit the exam results to the International Office, together with the other application documents.
  4. You can find the equivalency chart by OSYM at
  5. Students who have already participated in the Erasmus program before can apply for the program with zero-grant.
  1. In the student selection process, the overall point is calculated by adding together 50% of the CGPA and 50% of the Foreign Language Proficiency Exam. The students will be ranked in accordance with the overall scores.
  2. Placement of the students will be in accordance with their order of preference written in the application form.
  3. Students are recommended to take into account the medium of instruction of the host university, make a search about the university on the relevant website or consult with the Erasmus coordinators in their departments. It is of utmost importance for us to carry out the placement process in the proper way.
  4. Post-graduate students are not eligible for the Erasmus program during the final term in which the PhD Qualification Exam is held and during the term in which the thesis proposal defense is scheduled.
  5. Applications without the necessary documents and a signature will be identified as not valid.


Documents to be prepared prior to departure


  • Application From (from UTAA and the host university)
  • Erasmus Student Charter
  • Transcript
  • English Profıcency Exam Score or Entrance Application Form
After Acceptance
  • Outgoing  Student Learning Agreement (to be concluded in the International Office)
  • Outgoing Student Recognition Sheet
  • Turkish National Agency Information Sheet
  • Letter of Acceptance (to be sent by the host university)
Documents to be prepared at the end of the period abroad:
  • Outgoing Student Certificate of Attendance
  • Outgoing Student Report